Nathan Sheridan - Loves Like That


I know you're feeling empty
You have pain you can't forget
And life would treat you better if you were someone else
And every path that you've taken
Takes you the long way around
You have wandered, you been lost but you are found

And you don't have to be perfect to be loved perfectly
When you don't feel worth it
You're worth everything
From your head down to your feet
You're the image of a king
And he can meet you right where you're at
Yeah he loves like that

Even if you feel invisible
He knows where you are
Past the point of loving yourself
Ready to give up
But he is able he is waiting
For you to take his hand
And when you can't go on
Know that he can


Do you feel lost in unforgiveness
He loves like that
Feeling hurt and forsaken
Yes he loves like that
Are you hopeless and defeated
He loves like that
Are you searching for Jesus

Refrain (x2)

You are perfectly loved
Yes you are perfectly loved